Aurigemma sul Cotral: "The letter of the mayors bears witness to the failure of Zingaretti"

"The letter addressed to Cotral by four mayors of Viterbo (Montalto di Castro, Tuscania, Tarquinia, Monte Romano), to point out the serious inconveniences that commuters, especially students, have to face, represents the photograph of the failure of the business management of these years. The critical issues, unfortunately, are still the same, with overflowing buses, and routes that do not cover some areas where schools and offices are located.

Citizens and local administrators are exasperated. Moreover, users pay the ticket for an inefficient service, forced to live with disservices of all kinds. As they say in these cases "in addition to the injury also insult". The serious aspect is that President Zingaretti has not been able to listen in recent years to the requests coming from the territories also on this issue, demonstrating the total distance from reality ".

The group leader of Forza Italia of the Lazio region Antonello Aurigemma declares this.

The article Aurigemma on Cotral: "The letter of the mayors testifies the failure of Zingaretti" seems to be the first on Third Binary News.

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