Asl Roma 4, the withdrawal of the radiographic diagnoses in each company office works

Two months ago the service for the withdrawal of diagnostic examinations was activated at all the company radiologies. What is it about? The service greatly appreciated by users provides the possibility for the patient to take an X-ray examination in Civitavecchia and to withdraw it in any radiology present on the territory of the ASL Roma 4.

The service allows to shorten the withdrawal times, as very often for problems of distance and lack of personal time, the user withdraws the report late, and the route to be done is however inconvenient. Instead, being able to withdraw the report in any company radiology, the user is facilitated by choosing the withdrawal in the most congenial place. The data of the last two months that have seen the activation of the new service are about 80 monthly exams for Civitavecchia, 50 monthly exams for Ladispoli, 30 monthly examinations for Bracciano and 10 monthly examinations for Capena.

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