Ladispoli, Grando forbids feeding the pigeons

The municipal administration informs the citizens that the mayor Grando has issued the order forbidding anyone, in the urban centers of the territory of Ladispoli, of provide food to pigeons and in general to the entire bird population, with the express prohibition of throwing food, waste and food leftovers to the ground.

In addition, the order imposes owners of buildings and anyone, in any capacity, in respect of property rights exposed to the nesting and stationing of pigeons and other birds, to keep the private areas underlying the buildings perfectly clean from the drain. the interested structures. Providing also at its own expense and expense to screen with appropriate nets and thin mesh or other suitable means any opening in buildings where they nest or can nest the pigeons. The trade union ordinance became necessary as a result of the continuous reports of sanitary hygiene problems due to the presence of pigeons in the municipal territory.

Pigeons are possible carriers of numerous infectious diseases with their excrements both for humans and for numerous domestic animals. They represent a serious problem of urban decoration in relation to the fouling of balconies, gardens and sidewalks, making them slippery and therefore dangerous for passers-by. The daily habit of distributing food to pigeons increases their ability to reproduce, contributing to aggravate a phenomenon that can cause serious damage to the community. Controls for compliance with the ordinance will be carried out by the Municipal Police.

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