Civitavecchia, De Paolis: "Ready for the anti-rubbish barricades"

"Already in 2011 we rejected, with a great mobilization, with the work in the provincial group and with the stance of the 'then President Zingaretti, the project to transform Allumiere in the landfill of Rome, advanced by Alemanno and La Russa, then respectively Mayor of Rome and Minister of Defense. Today the Capitoline Council, led by the Rays and the Montanari, wants to try again.

From what we learn from the press article released this morning, and if it is confirmed, among the thirteen sites identified by the Metropolitan City for storage, treatment and disposal of waste in Rome we find Allumiere, Bracciano, Civitavecchia, Tolfa , New Castel of Porto, Riano, Guidonia and many other territories of the provinces.

The incapacity of the Sindaca Raggi and its Giunta both in its current management and in its planning, puts the territories in front of an already lived history, which we have seen closely in the area of ​​the Civitavecchiese area.

The cause of this situation is a malgovernmental Capital that alone produces 50% of the waste of the entire Lazio Region and that still differentiates a low percentage. A sensible environmental policy that even leads the Assessor to the environment to boast of the fact that there are not planned facilities on the City of Rome, downloading the responsibilities of the capital on the communities of the province, which absurd in many cases are those that reach levels differentiation over 65%.

In every intervention, in every Regional Council, on every occasion, we stressed the need for each community to be responsible for the disposal of its own waste, Rome first. A verifiable position from the official minutes of the Regional Council.

So it is good to reiterate that even if today the political color of the administrations has changed, compared to 2011, we are ready to barricades to defend our communities and our environment. We are waiting for a public stance even by the Mayor of Civitavecchia, who has always supported and shared the battle against these nefarious hypotheses. "

So in a note Gino De Paolis, candidate for regional elections in the Civic List for President Zingaretti.

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